With more people set to have more time on their hands over the holiday period – which will mean more opportunity to gain viewers, and more time for prospective creators to try out new things – Facebook’s making a push to facilitate more opportunity for creators in its app, with new ‘Professional Mode for Profiles’ to welcome new creators in, and updates for Creator Pages.

The main addition is Professional Mode, which provides an alternative platform for emerging creators to glean audience insights, and connect.

Facebook Launches 'Professional Profiles' to Help More Creators Maximize their Presence

As explained by Facebook:

“We know that many creators – especially those who are just starting out – are on profiles, so from today we’re announcing the roll-out of a new professional mode for profiles. Professional mode will open up access to post, audience and profile insights, as well as give easy access to monetization features – all in one place.”

So rather than pushing new creators to professional Pages, Professional Mode for Profiles will provide more insights on post performance and audience growth for those using regular Facebook profiles.

Which is essentially a gateway into becoming a creator, or at least, testing the waters to see if you want to take that next step, or indeed, if you’re seeing the engagement that you’d need to elevate your efforts. As you can see in the above examples, those who turn on Professional Mode also qualify for Reels bonuses and other features, which Facebook will be hoping will lure more people into posting more often, with a view to increasing these newly present engagement stats.

Note, right at the bottom of the first screenshot, that you can turn off Professional Mode at any time, if you decide that being a social media creator isn’t for you.

It could be an easy way to dangle a carrot in front of users who may need that extra push to become more active creators.

Professional Mode will be tested with a limited number of profiles in the US, before rolling out in EMEA next year.

In addition to incentivizing new creators, Facebook’s also announced some updates for more established pros who are using its Creator Pages.

First off, Facebook’s added a new Professional Dashboard which provides a more comprehensive overview of Page performance  data and audience insights.

Facebook Launches 'Professional Profiles' to Help More Creators Maximize their Presence

As you can see here, the new dashboard provides more in-depth performance stats, as well as info on Stars and Bonuses to help creators keep track of the various elements.

Facebook’s also added a new top of the feed overview prompt, which provides a snapshot of new comments and shares on creator content.

Facebook Launches 'Professional Profiles' to Help More Creators Maximize their Presence

The panel will also provide tips on how to create high performing content based on engagement data and trends.

And finally, Facebook’s also testing a new two-step post composer which will give creators using Pages the ability to schedule posts and cross-post into a group in direct from the regular composer window.

Facebook Launches 'Professional Profiles' to Help More Creators Maximize their Presence

That could help to streamline the posting process, particularly for creators who also have their own groups, or established connections to fan or sector communities.

Facebook’s keen to reinforce its potential as a key platform for creators, which is also part of its broader push to win back younger users, by, ideally, luring more popular stars to its platforms instead of TikTok, which would then bring their audiences with them.

TikTok has become the place to be for rising stars, but Facebook can still provide more reach, and if it can also give people more incentive to post, through improved monetization opportunities, which could eventually see more creators turning to Facebook and Instagram instead, which would be a big step in regaining youth momentum.  

It’s not a flashy new addition or cool new AR tool, which is a more up front way to win users, but through enhanced creator features, that could provide a better pathway to winning audiences back, especially if TikTok isn’t able to provide comparable monetization potential.

TikTok is still developing its tools on this front, through eCommerce integrations and brand partnership deals, but Facebook’s monetization framework is more established. Attracting more creators into its ecosystem could be a key way to maximize this element.

In addition to this, Facebook has also announced that it will launch Reels in EMEA in the first half of 2022, which could be another way to press its advantage, by tapping into markets where TikTok is not yet established.

TikTok’s popularity is rising in all regions, but Facebook has a much larger presence in every market, and by expanding access to Reels, that could limit take up of the short-form video app in some nations. Clearly, EMEA is now a focus in this respect.

It’s interesting to consider Facebook’s tactics in this new battle for attention, and how it’s looking to stunt TikTok’s growth. Will that work – and will Facebook actually be able to win back young audiences?

2022 will bring a new battleground on this front.



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