Latin and Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations get underway this week, and to mark the event, Facebook has published a new 25-page guide to help businesses show their support for Latinx communities, as well as new, in-app features that’ll enable users to join in the broader cultural celebration.

As explained by Facebook:

“This year we commemorate the resilience and hard work of the Latinx community, who have been disproportionately impacted during the pandemic under the theme “Thrive With Us.” Thrive With Us is a call to action for all businesses to join in the celebration and thrive with Latinx and Hispanic-owned businesses, who continue to grow, create new opportunities and inspire change. Read on to learn more about some of this month’s programming.”

As noted, the main element is Facebook’s new guide for businesses, which outlines the history of the community, and its presence in the US.

Facebook Launches New Business Guide and Support Features for Latin and Hispanic Heritage Month

The guide also provides a helpful explainer of the term ‘Latinx’ and its usage:

Pan-ethnic labels – such as “Hispanic” and “Latinx” – are often used to refer to diverse communities. However, creating one label that speaks to the multi-dimensionality of its constituents is no easy feat. And while the term “Latinx” has grown in popularity online and is used throughout this cultural guide, most people within the community are more familiar with or prefer “Latino/a” or “Hispanic.”

The guide also outlines the impact the COVID pandemic has had on Latinx communities, and calls on businesses to support Latinx causes where possible, including through representation in advertising.

Facebook Launches New Business Guide and Support Features for Latin and Hispanic Heritage Month

This is an important note – Facebook says that Latin and Hispanic-owned businesses have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic, while they’re also 50% less likely to receive PPP loans than white-owned operations. That’s an endemic issue within broader community and funding mechanisms, but Facebook’s guide looks to emphasize how brands can also help to boost the cause by working with Latinx businesses and providers, and making commitments to amplify underrepresented voices.

There are some valuable notes, which could help you play a more active part in supporting the community. You can download Facebook’s full guide here.

In addition to this, Facebook’s also added a new sticker pack on Instagram for Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month.

Facebook Launches New Business Guide and Support Features for Latin and Hispanic Heritage Month

While it’s also hosting several events during the event.

“Join us for Facebook Elevate’s month-long celebration of Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month, which is putting the spotlight on the businesses, organizations and people that uplift this community. Whether you’re a Latinx and Hispanic-owned small business, jobseeker or student, this is your opportunity to elevate your access, knowledge and skillset with a series of events that will inspire and educate.”

You can stay up to date with the latest events via the Facebook Elevate Page, while Facebook’s also hosting a conversation between award-winning Mexican-American writer and filmmaker, Moisés Zamora, and Facebook’s Director of Strategic Audience Partnerships, Nuria Santamaría Wolfe, on the representation of the Latinx and Hispanic community in media. The conversation will be available to stream on the Hispanicize website starting September 30th.

With the COVID pandemic causing major flow-on impacts, in all communities, it’s important to consider support for minority and underrepresented groups where possible, in order to ensure we’re providing assistance where it’s most needed, and that we’re not losing touch with individual groups or elements of society that may feel more isolated within the situation.

Latin and Hispanic Heritage Month provides a good reminder on this front, and it’s worth taking a look at Facebook’s latest guide to see how you can show your support.



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