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Facebook Gaming is rolling out new monetization features for creators who produce gaming videos on-demand.

As the number of gaming VODs (videos on-demand) grow on Facebook Gaming, the social network is bringing new ways to support creators with monetization tools that help them keep on producing content – live or on-demand.

To help creators engage with their communities, Facebook Gaming is testing the ability for people to send Stars while watching gaming VOD content, with a small group of creators. Stars already exists in livestreams, as a way for fans to show their support for live creators, but it will soon be made available on the VOD experience as well.

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VOD creators will be able to set a Stars goal for each video in their creator dashboard and track their viewers’ responses in real-time. Messages containing Stars will be displayed within streams, and animations will play when Stars are sent. Creators will then be able to respond to their fans individually, or in batches.

Furthermore, eligible gaming creators will also have In-Stream Ads available on their VOD content.

Facebook is also currently testing Live Breaks during livestreams. Live Breaks are a new monetization tool that let gaming creators insert mid-roll video ads to earn money during while they take breaks. They are manually-triggered 30-, 90-, or 150-second mid-roll ad breaks, that keep viewers entertained during breaks, by offering a mixture of standard mid-roll video ads and content generated by the creator or the viewer.

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Facebook Gaming is rolling out new monetization features for creators who produce gaming videos on-demand.

Examples of Live Breaks include gaming highlights, and clips of amazing plays, or curated calls to action – like videos to educate audiences on Stars and Fan Subs, or calls to join a creator’s Facebook Group.

Finally, Facebook Gaming’s Level Up Program – already available in more than 80 countries – is coming to 9 new territories: Hong Kong, Kenya, Nigeria, Norway, Paraguay, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Ukraine, and Venezuela.

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