As Facebook works to win back young users, with a view to maximizing the potential of its new metaverse push, the latest stats from StreamLabs will certainly give it some extra reason for optimism, in at least one key aspect.

According to the latest StreamLabs data, Facebook Gaming overtook YouTube Gaming in terms of hours watched in Q3, the first time that Facebook’s gaming element has seen more interest than YouTube.

As explained by StreamLabs:

“While some of this can be attributed to the popularity of Facebook Gaming among international audiences, they have also been busy improving the live streaming functionality of its platform.”

Streamlabs specifically points to Facebook’s recent addition of co-streaming, which enables users to stream with another gaming partner, with viewers then able to choose their view on the action, as well as the ongoing expansion of its Level Up gaming creator monetization program.

But Facebook is most clearly winning by focusing on international gaming markets, with only one of the top ten Facebook Gaming channels primarily English-speaking. That’s become another key element of Facebook’s growth playbook, utilizing its massive scale to boost its various elements in underserved markets, and that could be a way to boost Facebook Gaming also, and make it a core element of its next level push.

Either way, it’s interesting to note the steady rise of Facebook Gaming. You can check out StreamLabs’ full report here, or take a look at the infographic overview below.

Facebook Gaming Beats YouTube Gaming for Hours Watched in Q3 [Infographic]



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