Dude: Catch a Gorilla if you can

European grocery delivery service, Gorillas, has a very cool mantra – faster than you. To live up to it, the service promises to deliver from order confirmation to delivery within 10 minutes. So when it launched in Italy, creative and production network, Dude, used its standout asset to make the new service known.

It turned Gorillas’ bikers into media by offering discount codes on their backpacks. Users just had to catch the code with their phone camera and upload that code on their next order through the app. With the bikers travelling at high speed, that ws no mean feat. All 70 bikers carried the code, which changed each day. That came to 350 codes and discounts of up to 90%.

In just 5 days there were 3000 new downloads of the app, a 20% increase in orders and a lot of blurry images.

Ilaria Squicciarini, senior brand marketing manager at Gorillas Italia, stated, “We chose to work with Dude because of its strong reputation for creating meaningful experiences that go beyond what a brand does. The project team understood who we are as a brand and what we needed to do to crystallise our position as the fastest brand in town. They also helped us reframe ‘fast grocery delivery’ as a new exciting and more sustainable alternative to grocery shopping we’ve always been used to in Italy.”

“Gorillas is a brand with a very strong personality that we immediately felt close to. This is why being able to partner with them to launch the brand on the Italian market makes us particularly proud, ” added Lorenzo Picchiotti, chief creative officer & partner at DUDE. “Spot the biker starts from a very simple, but powerful idea. We have made the team of bikers the protagonist of an activation that will go on for a week and will hit Milan and involve all Milanese people. Providing real proof of what Faster than you means.”

Gorillas’ aim goes beyond the simple delivery service. It aims to revolutionise how people do their grocery shopping, and address the environmental, economic and social impact that purchasing choices and consumption styles have on the planet by getting them to shop more often, buyless, buy fresher and reduce food waste.

The activation follows an initiative around the iconic clock of the Central Station of Milan, to highlight excessive food loss and waste. Every 10 minutes Gorillas bikers delivered food bags with a surprise selection of unsold products that could not be sold the next day, but could be consumed due to being within expiry date.

Dude: Catch a Gorilla if you can


Creative and Production Agency: Dude
Chief Creative Officers & Partners: Livio Basoli & Lorenzo Picchiotti
Senior Copywriters: Cecilia Rocchetta & Emanuele Accurli Abenante
Art Director: Giovanna Mocchetti
Junior Copywriter: Marco Luccitelli
Junior Art Director: Jacopo Guzzarri

Client Service Director: Elena Panza
Account Director: Giulia Borina
Senior Account Manager: Elena Castejon
Junior Account: Andrea Torrano
Integrated Production Director: Matteo Pecorari
Head of Events & Special Projects: Laura Boy
Production Manager: Giorgio Zattoni
Post Production Supervisor: Seba Morando
AV Producer: Valentina Squillace
Editing: Valentina Renna
Junior Video Editor: Diego Gonzalez Galicia

Director: Valerio Musilli
DOP: Francesco Accettulli

Dude: Catch a Gorilla if you can



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