Each platform is increasingly focused on video content, and each has a billion users – but which is better for your ad spend right now: Instagram or TikTok?

The key consideration is your unique audience, and where they interact. But even so, it’s worth testing which platform provides the best bang for your buck, and which will get you more reach and response with your campaigns.

Which is why the team from Creatopy recently conducted a test of both, by running the exact same, 15-second ad on both TikTok and Instagram Reels. And again, while there are a range of variables at play – including creative, audience engagement, etc. – the test does highlight some interesting results for your consideration.

You can check out the full overview of Creatopy’s experiment here, or take a look at the summary in the below infographic.  

Comparative Case Study Tests Results of TikTok vs Instagram Reels Ads [Infographic]



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