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Hello and welcome back to Capital, TechCrunch’s podcast focused on venture capital, where we break down the numbers behind the headlines.

Natasha other Maria Ana took over this week’s show with Chris other Funny, which meant that our overdeveloped senses of curiosity filled in the script very well (even in a somewhat short week). Inadvertently, today’s episode was built around a theme of inclusion: from car insurance to women’s health, and from payments to knowledge.

But here are some more details on what we got into:

  • For our funding round section, we discussed Marshmallow from the UK gets unicorn status for its a more inclusive and big data take on auto insurance, women’s health tech brand Elvie, completing its Series C at $ 97 million, and an ambitious fintech work from Leap, which wants to bring health workers concert access to financial products by partnering directly with the markets.
  • After beating the bucks and bids, I was pleased to mention my latest article: Edtech leans toward creator economics with cohort-based classes. The core of the story goes into a lot of tensions, the biggest of which I would pose as a question: should anyone be able to be a teacher?
  • We then head to Mary Ann’s fintech world to understand what I called BNPL’s national week feels like. If I can, I would say that this is the not to be missed segment of the entire show as we understood why it is a global phenomenon, what markets are emerging, and what this means for the credit card industry. Here are some headlines we analyzed.
  • And then we end up talking about an adorable, but potentially dangerous, unicorn robot. Yes, you read it right.

Remember when we were all thinking about what ‘the new normal’ would look like? Well, I guess it’s here.

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