BMF & Aldi: Hello Christmas Day exuberance

In the Christmas ad competition between Australia’s four major supermarkets, we have a resounding winner. The last to appear, Aldi’s You Can’t Overcook Christmas by BMF, has trumped the others. Yes, it follows the road most travelled this year internationally, with its promise of ending a dire year with the joy of Christmas. 2021 was not what anyone wished for. But BMF presents the joy of a “freedom” Christmas in its own very human, very relatable way. Forget pre-Christmas stress (or anything that preceded it), hello Christmas Day exuberance.

“After yet another lengthy period of disruption to ‘normal’ life, Aussies are getting back out into the real world with gusto. Shoppers are on the lookout for unique products or great deals that can act as an antidote to the dull ‘sameness’ of lockdowns and restrictions. In the lead-up to Christmas, we want to tap into post-lockdown excitement and show what many of us are feeling: this year is the year to go a bit bigger,” explained Mark Richardson, director of marketing, ALDI Australia. 

“To do this, we’ve created an emotive and upbeat Christmas campaign that is centred on the joy of letting loose. We hope that the You Can’t Overcook Christmas call to arms, together with Aldi’s prices and phenomenal range, will energise shoppers to create the best possible Christmas for family and friends this year.”

The campaign will run across TV, radio, outdoor, digital, social, catalogue and POS. 


Creative Agency: BMF
Creative Team: Alex Derwin, David Fraser, Dantie van der Merwe, Leila Cranswick & 
Lisa Down 
Design Team: Fiona McLeod & Yoon Park
Planning Team: Christina Aventi, Kinga Papp & Josef Wimberger
Account Service: Stephen McArdle, Paul Coles, Aisling Colley, Bryan Bryant-Steeds, Georgia Moulis & Francesca Di Stefano
TV Production: Jenny Lee-Archer & Esta Lau
Creative Traffic Manager: Chris Burchett
Print Production: Basir Salleh, Julie Sorrell & Lauren Swaab
Finished Artists: Adrian Jobse, Romi Carrera, Amanda Perkin & Lindsey Gregory
PR: Lu Borges & Elliott Holohan

BMF & Aldi: Hello Christmas Day exuberance

Production Company: FINCH
Director: Benji Weinstein

Producer: Claire Thompson
Executive Producer: Loren Bradley
Cinematographer: Lachlan Milne
Editors: Jack Hutchings & Lily Davis

Music: Sandstorm performed by Dave Winnel
Music Supervision: Level Two Music
Sound House: Rumble Studios
Sound Designer: Tone Aston
Sound & Music Executive Producer: Michael Gie
Composer: Adam Moses

OOH & POS Production Company: The Kitchen Creative Group

Photographer: Juli Balla
Producer: Zabrina Wong
Retoucher: Adam Hayes

Retail, Content& Social Production Company: Bantam Productions
Head of Content Creative: Nico Engelbrecht
Content Producer: Holly Whiteley
Photographer: Gavin Johns
Producer: Debra Maloney
Retouchers: Rhiannon Jansma and Jenni Rohwer

Media: Zenith
Client Partner: Ana Bagevski
Head of Strategy &Planning: Sarah Heitkamp
Strategy & Planning Director: Ryan Varley
Account Director: Rachel Lawton
Digital Director: Adam Cartwright

Executive Manager – Communications: Scarlett Templeman 



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