BBH & Tesco: A rousing, rollicking, reviving Christmas to all

…And doesn’t that feel good after a year of relentless unpleasantness. BBH has positioned Tesco firmly inside UK’s determination to have cheerfulness at Christmas no matter or not. Whether or not that determination has been “factory-made” by brands (they have certainly been trying) doesn’t matter. Queen’s Don’t stop me now and a touch of magic make Tesco the supermarket hero of joyful defiance and a triumphant Christmas over any obstacles. It’s an irresistible promise.

Alessandra Bellini, chief customer officer at Tesco, stated, “We know that Christmas is a hugely important time for many of our customers and, after last year’s events, that is truer now than ever. Whenever we set out to create our campaigns, we want to be sure that we capture how the nation really feel and reflect that. Our research revealed that people are looking forward to meaningful get-togethers with their loved ones again and given the backdrop of cancelled plans of last year they won’t let anything stop them having a proper celebration this year. 

“This got us thinking about all the little things that have the potential to get in our way – from running out of mince pies to running late to a Christmas party – and the nation’s determined spirit that ensures we’ll overcome them all. We hope our joyful festive ad will resonate and put a smile on people’s faces as we prepare for a season of well-deserved celebrations. After all, this Christmas, nothing’s stopping us.”

BBH & Tesco: A rousing, rollicking, reviving Christmas to all

The campaign was developed by BBH creative directors, Christine Turner and Kevin Masters, and directed by Si and Ad from Academy films.

BBH & Tesco: A rousing, rollicking, reviving Christmas to all

Christine Turner and Kevin Masters stated, “After the last one, this Christmas had to be a cracker, so our campaign is a rallying cry to show we’re made of harder stuff this year, and nothing’s stopping us. And who better to show this than our scooting gran weaving her way through a joyfully defiant nation as they tackle anything thrown at them.”

The 90-second hero TVC is supported by 1 x 60-second and 2 x 30-second cutdowns, press, OOH, radio, social, in-store and PR. The campaign launched on Saturday November 13 on ITV1 during The Chase Celebrity Special.

BBH & Tesco: A rousing, rollicking, reviving Christmas to all


Agency: BBH

Lead Creative Team: Lawrence Bushell & Luke Till
Creative Directors: Kevin Masters & Christine Turner
Creatives: Uche Ezugwu (Creative Director) Tom Chancellor and Shruti Veeramachineni, Kevin Travis & Marion Cohen
Executive Creative Director: Helen Rhodes
Chief Creative Officer: Stephen De Wolf
Global Chief Creative Officer: Joakim Borgström
Strategist:  Harry Guild
Strategy Director: Dean Matthewson
Strategy Lead: John Harrison
Business Lead: Patrick Netherton           
Account Director: Emily Ross
Account Manager:  Harry Warburton
Account Executive: Ashleigh Jacobs
Producer: Georgina Kent           
Assistant Producer: Rebecca Ellis

BBH & Tesco: A rousing, rollicking, reviving Christmas to all

Production Company: Academy Films
Directors: Si&Ad

Executive Producer: Simon Cooper
Producer: Ash Lockmun 
DoP: Erik Wilson

Post Production: Electric Theatre Collective
Editing House: Final Cut
Sound: Factory
Music Supervisor: Hywel Evans

Media Agency: Mediacom



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