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“In 2007, I, along with a few other colleagues, founded Arbisoft because we loved solving a variety of computing problems rather than staying close to a particular domain or vertical technology. We felt that it was much easier to do that in a software services company than in a software products company, ”says Yasser Bashir, co-founder of Arbisoft. “In addition to our love of software development, we also had strong ideas about the kind of culture that would likely inspire smart people to do their best in a technology-centric organization. Arbisoft is a manifestation of many of those ideas. “

For the past two weeks, Anna Heim has interviewed Bashir from Arbisoft as part of our Experts project. They were recommended to us through our poll; We’d love to know which software consultants you would recommend to other startups. We also had guest columns focused on growth marketing on early stage growth tactics and communications teams, but more on that below.

Software consulting

Consultant: Arbisoft
Recommended by: Omri Traub, CEO of Popcart
Testimonial: “We were able to create a high-performance development team that includes development, QA, and DevOps. We had access to top talent and, most importantly, elasticity in hiring. If we wanted to add a developer, we could have an amazing one join our team in less than a week. It would have taken us weeks and months to recruit and hire a developer in Boston or the US. “

Consultant: Solwey Consulting
Recommended by: Paul Shaked, Sand country
Testimonial: “They helped us tremendously: a not-so-good development team in Europe built our site without documentation and with a lot of sloppy code, but Solwey was able to come in and review everything. Not to mention that our electronic communications site is based on a headless CMS x Shopify checkout process. Solwey was one of the only teams that was able to step in and really get things right with almost no major delays due to technology debt. “

Consultant: Planetary
Recommended by: Ryan Doney, Ad Lunam
Testimonial: “I studied several different consultancies, and Planetary not only brought technical expertise to the table, but their specific startup mindset meant it was incredibly easy to align with our mission and the best way to build it. Josh is a great talent and has built an extraordinary team. Their work dramatically shortened our time to market as well as giving us a ready starting point to begin iterating on our product. “

Consultant: Open cubicles
Recommended by: Anonymous
Testimonial: “The OpenCubicles team helped us improve our infrastructure utilization, response time, and other critical aspects of e-commerce success. We were able to rationalize cloud infrastructure costs through extensive analysis and optimization. They helped us automate many aspects of operations. I would recommend it to anyone looking for reliable technology services, especially e-commerce development. “

Consultant: ThinkNimble
Recommended by: Philip Deng, Conceivable
Testimonial: “They are focused on helping startups succeed and they care deeply about the missions of the companies they help. They moved us forward in terms of our design and also connected us with many thoughtful people beyond the company who have helped us move forward. “

Arbisoft Co-Founder Yasser Bashir on Building Trust with Early Stage Startups: Anna and Bashir talked about how Arbisoft has grown over the past 13 years, how they build trust with their clients, and the startup scene in Pakistan. Bashir says: “I have been very involved with the tech and startup ecosystem in the country since its inception. In fact, it’s blasting off like a rocket right now, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. This year, the startups raised more funds than all previous years combined. Arbisoft is excited that many of these startups need technology services and therefore we have an exciting new market at our disposal. “

Growth Marketing

Marketer: Ki of WITHIN
Recommended by: Anonymous
Testimonial: “Ki has been supporting our business for over three years, and each time finds unique ways to exceed expectations. From launching new products that sell out in days instead of weeks, being able to onboard new members of our team so they can contribute faster, and being someone who can work at a strategic level with our VPs and at a data-driven level with analysts. , his rank is really outstanding and I think he’s in the top 1% of the 1% of marketers. “

Marketer: Kaveh from WITHIN
Recommended by: Anonymous
Testimonial: “Kaveh is one of the most empathetic and collaborative marketers I have ever worked with. Our team was primarily made up of brand marketers and Kaveh did a great job of putting together his world and our seamless profit-optimized media strategy (even if that meant an after-hours marketing marketing session). Not only that, but you could tell that he really cared about the brand, spotting little issues with the site and proactively sharing them with the team, etc. “

(TechCrunch +) Smart Growth Tactics Put Account-Based Marketing Within The Reach Of Startups And SMEs: Jonas van de Poel, Director of Content Marketing at Unmuted, Says: “For many startups and SMEs, the setup Successful account-based marketing strategies can feel like a pipe dream: Startups still struggling to find a product that fits the market wouldn’t dream of being able to identify and map their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) clearly enough. At the same time, small and medium-sized businesses often lack the resources to invest in elaborate content marketing strategies with multiple touch points. ” Van de Poel shares what account-based marketing is, the importance of mapping the customer journey to marketing content, and more.

(TechCrunch +) Hiring is just the first step in building an early-stage communications team: Yousuf Khan, partner at Ridge Ventures, writes not only about the importance of having an early-stage communications team, but also about the importance of communicating with them. Khan says: “Not only is it important to have relationships between executives and the media, you also need to have strong relationships with the communications people. Let them get to know you, what you like and what you don’t like, the environments in which you thrive and where you are most comfortable. “



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