Apple’s New MagSafe Wallet Works With ‘Find My’ App For When You Get Lost

Along with the introduction of the new iPhone 13, Apple introduced some new accessories to complement its improved flagship devices. One of the more exciting additions to the line’s accessories is a new MagSafe wallet that works with Apple’s “Find My” service. That means if you accidentally lose your wallet when it is dropped from your iPhone, you can launch the Find My app to locate it however you can with other Apple devices or items attached to your Apple AirTags.

In this case, the MagSafe leather wallet will notify users of the last known location where the wallet was detached from the phone. However, it will not provide real-time tracking.

This is a small but smart addition for those who use Apple’s MagSafe products. The technology was first introduced last fall to allow iPhone users to connect all kinds of products to the back of their iPhone, such as cases, wallets, tripods, and car mounts, as well as Apple’s own accessories for charging. , like the MagSafe battery pack, coming to iPhone 13. MagSafe works by placing a magnetometer, a copper and graphite shield, two shields, multiple layers of magnets, an NFC antenna, and more on the back of the iPhone, so that the accessories stick.

But he hadn’t yet combined the power of MagSafe with the capabilities of “Find My” until now.

Image credits: Apple

Along with the launch of the “Find My” connected wallet, also known as the iPhone leather wallet with MagSafe, the company is also introducing a range of new iPhone cases and colors, designed to work with MagSafe. This includes MagSafe leather and silicone cases, as well as a transparent case with MagSafe. All are available to order today.



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