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iPad app performance: The iPad is now more powerful and easier to work with than many of us could have imagined 11 years ago when the first model was released. Today, owners of the latest iPad Pro model can take advantage of powerful hardware that’s just as fast as a MacBook Pro. But there’s one area where Apple’s tablet is still lagging behind MacOS: professional-grade software. Perhaps that will start to change with a new tweak, with which Apple will begin to offer some applications.

In a document for developers, spotted by MacRumors and released with the latest beta version of iOS and iPadOS, Apple says that app makers can now request more memory (RAM) for their apps. More available memory for apps means better performance and fewer limitations. So an app like Photoshop can potentially support more image layers. Or an iPad video editing program like LumaFusion can remember more of a video project’s timeline without having to pause to catch up.

The woman uses the Apple Pencil with the Apple iPad Pro with the M1 chip.
Apple had previously limited apps to a maximum of 5GB of memory, which limited individual apps to less than one-third the capacity of the superpowered iPad Pro with the M1 chip.

Apple didn’t specify how much extra RAM apps can use under the new rule. And app developers won’t get extra memory by default. Instead, they will need to make a request to the iPhone manufacturer.

The extra memory won’t be available on all Apple devices. It will likely only be available on high-end devices such as the iPad Pro M1 and possibly on future smartphones such as the iPhone 13 Pro. Approved developers will also have to make sure that their apps work seamlessly on iOS and iPadOS devices that won’t be able to take advantage of the new limit.

Apple is slowly and steadily turning its tablet into a workhorse that, for some people, can replace a Mac or Windows PC. While many of the company’s customers were hoping for more significant changes in the upcoming iPadOS 15, this new rule may prove to be another incremental step forward in the iPad’s ability to compete with powerful laptops or desktops.

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