It’s always fun when car advertising steps outside its clichés, especially those for SUVs. This commercial by Antoni, Mercedes-Benz lead agency in Europe, for Mercedes electric SUV, G-Class Concept EQG, steps far outside – to May 4 1979. It’s a wild and wacky time-travelling adventure from inside the mind of a young man whose view of 2021 is a mixture of sci-fi fantasy and almost reality (robots and humans living in harmony – comes close to real.)

The 2-minute epic with just the right touch of humour was directed by Smuggler’s Nina Holmgren and produced by Anorak. Kudos to the production team – everything from sets to styling adds to the film’s charm and gives it a striking difference that makes it stand out in a very large crowd.


Agency: Antoni

Production Company: Anorak

Director: Nina Holmgren (Smuggler)
Executive Producer: Christoph Petzenhauser
Producer: Toni Jaschke
DoP: Mauro Chiarello
Production Design: Robin Brown
VFX: Time Based Arts
Editing: Janne Vartia



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