Essential Tips and Tools for B2B Social Media Marketing

Digital is the way of the future for B2B marketing. Here’s how to develop a B2B social media strategy for effective marketing, social selling, customer service, and more. B2B social...

Instagram Reels Tutorial: 10 Editing Tips You Should Know

Follow this beginner's Instagram Reels tutorial to learn how to edit your videos and start creating engaging content. Everyone is talking about...
Ralph Lauren

How Ralph Lauren used segmentation to reignite brand love

Ralph Lauren turned to data to learn more about its customers and wean them off the discount diet. Fashion brand Ralph Lauren's claim that it creates dreams, not clothes, was...
Sponsorship, influencers, reputation

Sponsorship, influencers, reputation: 5 interesting stats to start your week

Sponsorship, influencers, reputation: We'll arm you with all the numbers you need for the week ahead. Gaming brands squeezed out of top sports sponsorships The demand for sports teams to be...
Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video in 2021

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video: When it comes to on-demand video streaming services, there is none bigger than Netflix. It's far from the most popular service of its kind,...
The Simpsons is getting a Loki short

The Simpsons is getting a Loki short because Disney owns everything

Loki Goes to Springfield: The Simpsons is getting a Loki short. With the arrival of a new Marvel-themed Simpsons short film called "The Good, The Bart, and The Loki," Disney's...
Pinterest bans weight-loss ads

Pinterest bans weight-loss ads in face of reopening-related social pressures in 2021

Brief description of the plunge: Pinterest bans weight-loss ads: Pinterest has announced a new policy that bans all ads containing language or images related to weight loss as part of...
Heinz calls on hot dog

Heinz calls on hot dog and bun companies to sell equal packs

Brief description of the dive: Heinz calls on hot dog: Heinz Ketchup has launched a petition urging hot dog and bun companies to sell the same amount of product in...
How to Create a Flexible Content Plan

How to Create a Flexible Content Plan That Gets Results In 2021

How to Create a Flexible Content Plan. Unless today is your first day as a content marketer, you know that a documented strategy is important to the success of...
Joint Swedish

Joint Swedish effort to welcome cruise ships in 2021

The synthetic media platform uses deep learning and artificial intelligence. Joint Swedish: The cruise ship's first call to Sweden this year was on June 15. Passengers were allowed to leave the...

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