Air New Zealand produces wonderful stories. When the air safety video craze was on, it produced the most wonderful air safety videos. Since 2015, it has been producing the most wonderful Christmas ads…

…this year’s included.

In a A Magical Delivery, Air New Zealand steps in because Santa can’t get into Aotearoa.

“Luckily the advert is, of course, a work of fiction (like Frodo) because Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson has already reassured everyone that Santa has secured a place in MIQ,” Air New Zealand has noted reassuringly.

Here are two from Air New Zealand’s Christmas ads past as well:

Host/Havas & Air New Zealand: The naughty children of the world fill Christmas with niceness

Host/Havas: Air New Zealand offers the world a very Mirry Christmus

…and the most recent Air New Zealand safety video, because you can never have too much of a great thing when it comes to advertising.

Air New Zealand produces the most environmentally conscious safety video ever



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