It’s a new year, and online culture has shifted significantly over the last 24 months. Have you changed your approach to visual content and/or branding in-line with evolving trends?

Of course, you don’t have to update your visual approach, necessarily, as a key part of effective branding is developing a recognizable, consistent strategy. But even so, updating the presentation style of your posts, or re-arranging your photoshoots and product displays to match consumer interest, can yield solid results.

So what are the latest trends of note, and do they fit with your 2022 brand aesthetic?

The team from Depositphotos recently asked a range of digital marketing experts for their insights on the latest trends, and matched that up with their own data insights to provide some perspective on where people are looking, and what’s catching their eye in social feeds.

It could be worth considering for your strategic plan – you can read Depositphotos’ full report here.

8 Emerging Visual Trends for 2022 [Infographic]




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